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De Bijenkorf is dedicated to surprising its customers with exceptional products and focuses on inspiration and a premium experience.

De Bijenkorf luxury department store

What started out as a small haberdashery shop 145 years ago, has now grown into the Netherlands’ largest premium department store. de Bijenkorf was established in 1870 and its flagship stores are located in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.

You will find a careful selection of the best fashion brands, designer brands and luxury products. De Bijenkorf offers the highest standard of quality and always presents the latest trends, the most spectacular events and an outstanding premium service. The premium department store is a true exclusive shopping paradise, where you will find luxurious fashion and accessories, cosmetics, homeware, gifts and souvenirs. de Bijenkorf offers the world’s most exclusive brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Hermès and Gucci.

De Bijenkorf is dedicated to surprising its customers with exceptional products and focuses on inspiration and a unique experience. This is reflected in its artistically designed shop windows and the styling of its various departments.

It is also possible to obtain a Tax Refund when spending 50 euros or more in all of de Bijenkorf stores. You can collect your Tax refund instore in the Tax Free Lounge in the department store in Amsterdam.

Tax free shopping and premium services

Tax Free shopping and instore refunds

Every cash desk has a Tax refund service for non-EU travellers spending over 50 euros. De Bijenkorf Amsterdam has a Tax Free Lounge, the first and only available in the Netherlands and located in the Amsterdam city centre. It allows you to instantly get your money back on the 4th floor. Multilingual hosts are available for translating services.

Currency choice

De Bijenkorf customers can choose their preferred currency at every cash desk. You can opt to pay in your own currency when paying by Mastercard or Visa.

Tailor service and delivery to your hotel

You can have your new purchases altered while you shop, or relax in one of the restaurants or cafés. This means you can rest assured you will be leaving the store with clothes which fit you perfectly. You can also ask the staff to deliver your purchases to your hotel, eliminating any need to wander around Amsterdam burdened with heavy shopping bags.


Rob Peetoom Hair and Beauty located on the fifth floor is your one-stop-shop for hair and beauty. Visit our nail studio and pamper yourself with one of our professional manicures. Please contact our store if you would like an appointment at one of our salons.

Culinary delights

The fifth floor is home to de Bijenkorf Kitchen, where you can enjoy a top quality meal. The Damcafé located on the first floor and our bakery on the ground floor are the perfect places for coffee or a delightful chocolate truffle cake.


Wi-Fi is available throughout the entire store.

Personal Shopping Lounge

De Bijenkorf Amsterdam offers a discrete and intimate Personal Shopping Service for men and women from classic to contemporary, casual to evening dress and wardrobe update to single occasion outfit. Your dedicated expert shopper will make a complete bespoke selection designed to your personal needs. With a selection of the finest designer and fashion brands including Burberry, Cartier, Céline, Dior, Gucci, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Saint Laurent, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tiffany & Co., de Bijenkorf is sure to offer everything you could wish for in an unforgettable experience.

The Personal Shopping Lounge is located in de Bijenkorf Amsterdam on the 2nd floor. Every consultation lasts around two hours and will be tailored to your individual preferences. To book your appointment please call 0031 88 245 3545 or email to [email protected].

World of Brands

With five floors of fashion and designer brands, de Bijenkorf offers the most luxurious shopping experience. As if the carefully curated collection doesn’t contain enough beautiful items, de Bijenkorf also continuously adds new brands. You will find a selection of the brands below.

de Bijenkorf events

Besides the highest quality, latest trends and best services, de Bijenkorf also hosts an exciting range of events. Below you will find a selection of our events throughout the year.


Fashion’s Night Out
de Bijenkorf presents Fashion’s Night Out. Every year, Vogue Fashion’s Night Out returns to Amsterdam, a fashion experience with many events at de Bijenkorf. The event takes place at the beginning of September and on the evening the store will be open until 23.00.


Turn on the Lights
de Bijenkorf celebrates the opening of the festive season with a magnificent event: Turn on the Lights. More than 600.000 energy-efficient LED lights illuminate the façade of the majestic de Bijenkorf building, and a spectacular show will attract thousands of people to the event. It certainly promises to be another unforgettable night, one you simply can’t miss!

Saint Nicholas is visiting de Bijenkorf
Saint Nicholas is a very Dutch character loved by children and adults. Saint Nicholas, together with his helpers, will once again be paying a visit to de Bijenkorf this year, where he will be seated on the most beautiful Saint Nicholas throne of the entire country. Come and visit de Bijenkorf to sample the atmosphere of this typical Dutch festival for yourself.


Christmas Season, December
An old friend is coming to town. Santa Claus is visiting de Bijenkorf during the week before Christmas. We would like to invite you to come and meet good old Santa and to sample the Christmas atmosphere in our stores. There are special opening hours and many in-store events during the Christmas season.

de Bijenkorf Amsterdam will be open the 1st of January, so begin the new year fabulous at de Bijenkorf.


Chinese New Year at de Bijenkorf
Celebrate Chinese New Year at de Bijenkorf with spectacular shows and special offers in Amsterdam and The Hague.

Valentine’s Day at de Bijenkorf, 14 February
Find the perfect gift for your loved one at de Bijenkorf. The dates for special Valentine events at de Bijenkorf will be announced soon.

Writer’s Weekend
Literature comes to life during the annual Writer’s Weekend. 25 famous writers sign their work and give interviews.


Start of Spring/Summer Fashion Season
The new fashion season kicks off in March. At de Bijenkorf you will find the new collections from top fashion brands and renowned fashion shows.

de Bijenkorf Amsterdam

De Bijenkorf Amsterdam, luxury department store

A trip to Amsterdam is not complete without a visit to the city's largest premium department store. With five floors of luxury brands, fashion, accessories, beauty products, shoes and culinary delights, visitors are bound to find an elegant souvenir or an exclusive present from Amsterdam. Shop for the most exclusive brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hèrmes, Burberry and Gucci in de Bijenkorf Amsterdam.

De Bijenkorf is a luxury department store with a focus on inspiration and experience. This is reflected in the artistic window displays and the styling of the departments. Its ‘Light hall’ is incredible and owes its name to the special lighting and large light dome. It offers a magnificent setting for the fashion collection.

The Amsterdam flagship store covers 21,000 m² and is located in a historical building on Dam Square next to the National Monument and opposite the Royal Palace. The building is one of the most striking icons in the city centre.-

de Bijenkorf The Hague

Palace of life's delights

De Bijenkorf opened its second department store in The Hague in 1926. Piet Kramer was the architect who designed the building, which was colloquially referred to as the ‘Palace of Life’s Delights’. Shop for the most exclusive brands in de Bijenkorf The Hague.

The store included innovative features, not in the least the very first escalators in the Netherlands. No expense was spared on the lavish decor: dozens of artists collaborated to incorporate bronze, marble, rare woods and stained glass into the interior.

De Bijenkorf in The Hague has been renovated several times since its opening, keeping it fresh and contemporary and ahead of the times. The latest major renovations have just been completed. De Bijenkorf in The Hague now has an entirely new cosmetics department and The Netherlands’ largest designer shoe department: both radiate luxury and offer a premium experience.

De Bijenkorf Rotterdam

A modernist masterpiece

De Bijenkorf opened its first department store in Rotterdam in 1930, designed by W.M. Dudok. The building was largely destroyed less than ten years later by German bombardments. The current de Bijenkorf premises in Rotterdam were completed in 1957. The department store was designed by pioneering modernist architect Marcel Breuer and was accompanied by a monumental freestanding sculpture designed by Naum Gabo.

The building and artwork were instantly considered to be modern masterpieces. Time magazine reported that de Bijenkorf Rotterdam was “the most ambitious and successful combination of modern sculpture and architecture yet attempted”.

Shop for the most exclusive brands such as Burberry, Max Mara, Armani and Michael Kors at de Bijenkorf Rotterdam.

De Bijenkorf Maastricht

de Bijenkorf Maastricht
Achter het Vleeshuis 26
6211 GS Maastricht

How to reach us

Opening hours Maastricht

De Bijenkorf Maastricht, luxury department store

De Bijenkorf opened its department store in the south of the Netherlands in August 2003. Architect Kees Rijnboutt designed the building. Characteristic for de Bijenkorf’s building in Maastricht is its transparent façade, which serves as a reference to the old bazar which used to be held on this very spot. It also creates maximum interaction between the pedestrians and the shopping crowd in de Bijenkorf.

The outside of the building isn’t the only impressive feature, as inside you will find an oriel on the second and third floor. You’ll walk through a tower made of glass on your way to all the different floors, which is definitely worth noticing while you’re walking up and down the stairs. This beautiful tower means you will recognise de Bijenkorf from far away when entering Maastricht’s city centre from the direction of the famous Servaasbridge.

Maastricht is an ultimately fashionable city. In addition to its historical city centre and beautiful buildings, it offers a perfect setting for an endless shopping experience at de Bijenkorf. Shop for the most exclusive brands such as Michael Kors, Chloé, Max Mara and Longchamp.

de Bijenkorf Utrecht

de Bijenkorf Utrecht
Sint Jacobsstraat 1A
3511 BR Utrecht

How to reach us

Opening hours Utrecht

De Bijenkorf Utrecht, luxury department store

De Bijenkorf opened a department store in the city centre of Utrecht in 1987. In this store of de Bijenkorf you will be struck by elegance, innovation and rough luxury. The latest ideas in service and style will fulfil your shopping dreams.

Shop for the world’s most exclusive brands such as Michael Kors, Longchamp, Furla and Max Mara. Come and explore a world of brands, with luxurious fashion items and accessories.

The department store in Utrecht is currently expanding and will slowly but surely be adding more luxury brands to its collection, in order to optimise your inspirational shopping experience even more.

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